27-29, March, 2018
Exhibitors: 200 brands *estimate
Visitors: 3000 *estimate

 -Brands can exhibit on as little as one hanger rack or a single shelf - significantly reduce the cost of exhibit a joint fashion exhibition.
 -There will be no exhibitor in the exhibition hall - save your time and travel expenses to Japan.
 -Move-in/out & display service, brand explanation service by industry experts available – various optional services by industry experts help maximize your exhibit.
 -The organizer will provide exhibitors the contact information of visitors interested in their brands.

<Visitor Profile>
Select shop / department store buyer, speciality store owner, retailers (EC, etc.) / import
wholesaler / agency, press, stylist, etc.

This new system enable exhibitors to exhibit by only sending samples to the exhibition hall, and visitors are able to check all the brands in their own pace.


For more information, SOLEIL TOKYO